Are Night Cramps cramping your night’s rest?

A middle-age client recently told me that for several years he had been experiencing occasional night cramps ranging from mild to severe with no known cause. About 1-2 weeks ago, he suffered a severe night cramp in his lower leg which persisted and began to cause pain in his leg even when just walking. He […]

Drink Up!

Those of you in the Houston area are by now familiar with extreme heat like we’ve been having. Most locals would not call it “extreme”, they would call it “summer”, but for an East coast native like myself, it’s hot! Let the record show, I’m not complaining, I actually love the heat for the most […]

Electrical Stimulation

I was recently walking around at a trade show and, as this was not a medical related trade show, was surprised to see a booth selling ‘TENS’ units to show attendees. The salespeople would engage passers-by who would point to an area with an ache or pain. Within minutes the show attendees had electrodes on […]

The Problem with Self-Diagnosis

I was speaking with an avid runner the other day who was sitting out a race because of an injured knee. He was sure that the injury was a recurrence from a knee operation 1 year prior. Understandably he was pretty discouraged that less than 1 year out, the issue had already returned. I performed […]

Healing Heel Pain

I recently had a patient complaining of heel pain. They told me that when they woke up one morning and out of the blue had heel pain on their right foot. They told me that when they first got out of bed it was sensitive to step on, and as the day wore on they […]

Ben’s Intro

I’ll begin this Blog page by introducing myself. My name is Ben Engelhart and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Just before finishing PT school at University of Maryland I played semi-professional baseball overseas. Upon returning and completing school I worked in a couple of different types of PT clinics. I’ve worked with athletes […]